About KKeong – The Site

So why exactly does this website exist, you may be wondering to yourself? In short, this website exists as a way for me to ramble about video games I love, events that happened to me while playing the one MMO I am a complete geek for, a place to show the digital art I have worked on, and will work on in the future, and hopefully gather others who share the same interests, or introduce people to video games they never even knew existed, but will give a try.

Discussion is always a big thing, especially on the Internet. Trust me, I’ve seen enough online debates on both video game and non-video game topics, but it’s also something I love to see, so feel free to leave comments on any of my posts. Maybe you agree with my thoughts on a particular video game, maybe you think I’m absolutely wrong (but be tasteful and polite about it, and don’t just tell me I’m an idiot for thinking this game is good or bad). If you have a recommendation for a particular game, or a strategy for a boss I have yet to fight, feel free to speak on it. No one ever really stops learning, whether it be in academic subjects, or video games. Maybe you’ll learn something new. Maybe I’ll learn something new. Just don’t forget to link and credit, because again, this is the Internet, and plagiarism is not looked upon favourably.

All written content on this website are my thoughts, and so belong to me. I may not own the actual content of the video games or MMO, but my opinions are my own, so please do not take any of it and use for your own. If anything I wrote actually sounds useful or even interesting to you, please link the original post. Even if you quote just one sentence, a link back to the original source is appreciated. With that said, I hope you enjoy the ramblings of this video game nerd, and if I make you laugh with even just one post, it’s a job well done in my book.