About KKeong

Writing words, playing video games, and living life wherever it goes. That is the simplest way to describe who I am. A young adult who enjoys playing video games, talking with my friends online, writing on the side, and extremely addicted to Final Fantasy XIV Online, I’ve always wanted to have a place to show the digital art I’ve done, but never had one, until now that is.

FFXIV Warrior of Light
All content from Final Fantasy XIV is copyright to Square Enix.

Having started on a small Bulletin Board Style Tales of Symphonia website, using the online moniker Roido, taken from the main protagonist, Lloyd Irving, or Roido Avingu in Japanese, with a background in Computer Information Technology, doing art digitally was the next step up. Although I’m not the best there ever was, I am fairly competent, and hope to move onto larger projects, streaming being the biggest one. If you’ve read all this so far, then come, stay awhile. You’re not just another reader here. You’re part of a larger community, a family, if you will.