Blind Run of The Royal City of Rabanastre Part II

What’s this? Two blog posts in a row? What is this madness!? No dear readers, you’re not going crazy. In fact, what IS crazy is the amount of chaos from the next two bosses I will be covering in part II of The Royal City of Rabanastre. So strap in and prepare yourself, it’s going to be one heck of a ride. After dropping down the canal opening into the waterways below, and traversing through the area, which included going down multiple waterfalls, we would reach the Royal City of Lesalia, now ancient ruins. Once we reached solid ground, in a manner of speaking, after reaching the jump pad, we would be launched into the area, where the third boss of Rabanastre awaited us, Rofocale.

All content copywritten to Square Enix.

Once everyone was ready, we would begin the fight, and just like the previous two fights, it was chaotic, but not as bad as Hashmal. It did however, involve a lot of running and dodging attacks, as well as making sure you were in the right position, or you would end up being hit by the attacks. Rofocale’s attacks are simple to avoid though, as long as you were paying attention, despite having a room-wide attack with only two safe spots, an attack involving running over you in a figure eight, among many other ones. We eventually defeated him though, and upon his defeat, would move onto the next and final area, where the final boss awaited, Argath Thadalfus.

All content is copywritten to Square Enix.

Now here’s the part where I’d talk about the boss fight… Or I would, if I actually had participated in the fight. After reaching the stairs leading to the jump pad to get to the final area, a cutscene commenced, but because most of the people in the alliances already cleared Rabanastre, they already saw it and could skip it. I did not, so I was watching it, but as I was, the two other tanks ran into the arena, and began the fight, and because the area gets sealed off after 30 seconds, I tried to watch as much as I could, but ended up having to skip the last part, but it wasn’t quick enough, and I was locked out of the fight behind the barrier, unable to reach the jump pad. As a result, I would watch the fight from afar, as the rest of the alliances and Nova fought the boss. After a few minutes, during which I could hear the boss’s various fight lines, he would be defeated, as another cutscene commenced. Once I finished that cutscene all the way through, the barrier having dissipated, I would be allowed to reach the jump pad and head to the final area, where Nova was waiting for me. After casting the various heals she did during the fight, summing up the fight for me, the two of us would exit out of Rabanastre. Though it was my first run, it would not be the last time we’d run through the raid. We’d be back, and I would experience and fight the final boss, instead of just being a bystander.

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