Blind Run of The Royal City of Rabanastre Part I

It’s been a while since I posted anything new, hasn’t it? Well fret not, for I am back, and this time, with a new blind run of a raid. The last time, I talked about Sigmascape, which was an 8-man raid. Well this time, take that 8-man raid, and times it by 3. You read right, by 3. If you thought my ramblings about Sigmascape were chaotic, you haven’t seen anything yet. Welcome dear reader, to one of the 24-man raids in Final Fantasy XIV Online, The Royal City of Rabanastre. Now, for a bit of a backstory. I never touched this particular raid before, and for good reason. The previous laptop I had, while it was a good laptop, also lagged, due to the smaller Solid State Drive on it, and having heard about how much graphics would be rendered for it from my friends, I would be dying to the lag before dying to the bosses. That all changed however, with my new laptop. I wouldn’t be running Rabanastre by myself however, as I got my friend, Nova, to help me with it. After we got into queue, and waited for the duty to commence, once all 24 members of the party readied up, it was time to step into Rabanastre, which was taken from another Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XII.

The Royal City of Rabanastre
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After the cutscene was over, like the giant mass mob of 24 players making up this raid that we were, we would move forward and head through the first area and to the first boss of Rabanastre, Mateus, The Corrupt. Just like with Sigmascape, I would be going into the fights blind, though Nova did give me a quick run down of the first fight and what to do, but for the most part, I had no idea what to expect. Once we reached the jump pad and stepped into it, landing in the arena, after everyone had arrived and a ready check commenced, confirming we were all ready, we would begin. As I was completely new to this raid, I was the off-tank, as the party was composed of 3 tanks, 6 healers, and 15 damage per second, or DPS’s, which placed less pressure on me, thankfully.

Mateus, the Corrupt
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If it wasn’t obvious, this boss was all about ice attacks, and it was certainly an interesting fight. Between dodging Area of Effect attacks, trying to not get frozen by an add that spawns and skates around the middle of the arena if you end up with the Doused debuff, killing adds in the second phase to create bubbles to avoid suffocation, the fight was not bad, but very chaotic. We managed to get through the fight though, and once Mateus was defeated, we would move onto the next area. In the next area, we would be fighting just trash mob enemies, which were just regular enemies, except these enemies were different. They were Chocobos, which, in Final Fantasy, are large yellow birds that can be ridden on, and in the case of XIV, used for flying. This trash mob however, was different. After we had killed enough, suddenly, a meteor would come crashing down, as everyone ran away from the epicenter to avoid it. I was not so lucky, as even though I ran away, I would end up taking damage greater than my HP bar, and so I ended up dying, and needed to be revived by Nova. After getting past that however, it was time for the most infamous boss in all of Rabanastre, Hashmal, Bringer of Order.

Hashmal, Bringer of Order
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Now this boss. This boss is infamous for a reason, and that reason is because this boss has caused more wipes for alliances than any other boss in Rabanastre. This boss is not extremely difficult, if you know what to do, but is instead extremely chaotic, and has a lot of AoE attacks to dodge. You also have to be ready to get into your position for when certain adds spawn, based on which alliance you are in, either A, B, or C. Hashmal has too many attacks and mechanics to list here, so I will spare you the details, and go straight to us defeating him on the first try, which is pretty good, all things considered. After defeating Hashmal, and celebrating that we didn’t have too many deaths in his fight, we would move on to the next area, where we would fight more trash mobs, and after defeating the enemies, would move on, and head to the next area… by jumping down a canal shaft into the waterways below, where the next two and last bosses would await us. They however, will be saved for another blog post, so stay tuned readers, for part II of The Royal City of Rabanastre. Until then, keep your HP up, and dodge everything.

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