Sigmascape V4.0: The Finale

So are you sick of reading about my runs in Sigmascape yet, readers? Well fret not, because this will be the final post dedicated to it. That’s right, we’ve reached the last and final part of Sigmascape, Sigmascape V4.0, and what a finale. Unlike the other three, I never did Sigmascape 4.0 before, not even a small fray into it, and had absolutely no idea what to expect. Well, that’s a lie. I did know that the boss would be Kefka, who was the final boss from Final Fantasy VI, as the trailer for Patch 4.2, the latest major patch to drop for the game, had a teaser of him appearing at the last few seconds, with his signature high-pitched whooping cackle. Not to mention the quest to unlock Sigmascape V4.0 basically told me the boss I would be facing last was Kefka. After queuing up, I was joined by one of my friends in the Free Company we are both in, Nova Cullen, as the two of us hadn’t cleared the raid yet. Once the duty commenced, and everyone readied up, so would begin Sigmascape V4.0.

Sigmascape V.4.0
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After watching the cutscene, the duty would commence. Now, I had never played Final Fantasy VI before, so I didn’t know what the fight would be like. I knew Kefka liked to use mis-direction in his attacks, but I didn’t know what kind of attacks he would use. I only knew that if question marks appeared, that I would have to do the opposite. So for example, if the attack was an Area of Effect , with the same spot in the middle beneath the boss, but had question marks in the AoE, I would have to stand in the AoE, to avoid the attack. Since I was wholly unfamiliar with the boss, I chose to be the Off Tank, so I could get a feel for the boss, and not die in the process. Once the fight started, it wasn’t too bad. Kefka’s attacks were straightforward, even with the mis-direction. It wasn’t until the second phase however, that things started to really get chaotic.

All content belongs to Square Enix.

In addition to the previous attacks, which involved an ice and lightning spell that had a safe circular spot beneath Kefka and line AoE’s respectively, he also teleported, and would appear in one of two spots out of the teleporters, usually the farthest one. Added to that, was a new mechanic, which involved the tower of monsters he summoned. An orb would generate after energy was channeled into it, and depending on the colour, could either knock back the party, or send out a half moon AoE that covers almost half of the arena. After dealing enough damage, another mechanic would replace the previous one, which required either looking at the eye to dodge it, or looking away from the eye. Although the fight was chaotic as chaotic can be, with all of us running around to avoid the attacks, all in all, it was a fun fight, and a great throwback to any Final Fantasy fan worth their salt.

Overall, Sigmascape was a fun raid, and I enjoyed it much more than Deltascape, the previous raid in the Omega series. Don’t get me wrong, Deltascape is just as chaotic, but I had more fun with Sigmascape, as the fights mixed it up, and much different than just the usual “Dodge attacks, attack the boss, try not to die” formula. I still have fun clearing it every week for reward drops, so I can get better gear for my character. I may eventually try the Savage versions of Sigmascape, which are infinitely harder, but as of now, I am content to just run the normal versions to get my rewards.

And that’s all folks! Just because Sigmascape is done and over with, doesn’t mean Final Fantasy XIV. There is a lot more to talk about, especially with the new patch that will drop today at 3AM, Patch 4.25. Until then, stay tuned for more Final Fantasy XIV. Peace out.

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