Return to Sigmascape: Clearing Sigmacape V3.0

As you may have undoubtedly noticed, when I first posted about running Sigmascape, I had beaten V1.0 and 2.0, but never V3.0 or 4.0. There was a reason for that, mainly being that most of my friends were busy with other things, so beating the current raid content from patch 4.2 was not high on the totem pole of priority. That all changed however, on Saturday night. After getting my weekly drop from Sigmascape V2.0, a couple of us decided we wanted to clear V3.0 and 4.0, so we made a party, and thus began our run to clear the last two parts of Sigmascape. Unlike V1.0 and 2.0, I knew a bit of V.30, having ran it once with my friends who cleared 1.0 and 2.0 with me, but we were unable to clear it because I ended up having to leave. It was however, rather new for one of my friends, despite having watched a video guide on the boss. We queued up, and spent a few good minutes waiting for a second tank and healer, so we just mainly chatted while we waited. A couple minutes later, we get a second healer, but we are still waiting for a second tank, at which point, we are jokingly in despair. We eventually get a second tank, after almost waiting nearly 6-7 minutes. The duty commences, we all ready up, and thus begins Sigmascape V3.0.

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After the cutscene was finished, which I had already seen so it automatically skipped it for me, I would be the Off Tank for the fight, which meant the other tank would hold the boss’s focus, or be the Main Tank, while I concentrated on dealing damage and picking up any additional enemies that spawned. And there would be additional enemies, as I already knew most the mechanics of the fight from my first run, so I had a good idea of what to expect, but some of the mechanics were still a bit fuzzy to me. Once everyone had finished viewing the cutscene and buffs were cast on the party, the fight with the boss, called the Guardian, began. What were we fighting this time?

All content copyright to Square Enix.

We were fighting a giant mechanized robotic weapon. You read right. This sounded normal compared to a phantom train and demonic painter, from the previous two fights. Right from the get go, it was already a better run, because for one thing, mostly everyone knew what to do, and having gotten a new laptop, as my old laptop decided to kick the bucket on me from the latest Windows update, I had no lag whatsoever, so I was dodging attacks much quicker and easier. Despite this though, we did end up wiping once, but one our second try, after the MT (Main Tank) assigned a couple people to go with them for one mechanic, we began our second try. The boss itself isn’t hard, but the fight revolves around the screens that were behind the boss. Occasionally, it would load a program after connecting to the screen, and would use attacks based on that program, before eventually summoning an add that the attacks it used came from.

That’s where I came in, as it was my job to get the focus of the add, while the MT continued to hold the boss’s attention, and defeat the add as quickly as possible. There were 4 adds in total we saw throughout the fight, which consisted of a giant martial artist man, a cartoonish looking air force plane, a walking book that looked like a bulky fridge, and a large, purple octopus. I cannot make this content up. After getting through the mechanics and the fight, during which I lost the focus of an add every so often, but reclaimed quickly, we defeated the boss, and thus, I finally cleared V3.0, weeks after patch 4.2 dropped. All in all, I liked the fight, despite how chaotic it can get, but that’s the fun part about this content, chaos in order… of sorts. Stay tuned for 4.0, because I did end up clearing it as well, so look forward to a post about it. It’ll leave you dancing mad.

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