Final Fantasy XIV – Valentione’s Day 2018

Well sort of. Actually, starting back on February 2nd, a new event dropped in game, Valentione’s Day 2018. After speaking to an NPC to initiate the quest, once you had gotten through the prerequisite requirements, in order to complete the event, you had to form a party of two people, and queue up for a duty. I had already completed the event before, with one of the admins of a Discord server I am also an admin for, but I ran it again with Rena, to help her not only complete the event, but also get the other half of the mount from the event, since I had one half. It’ll make sense in a bit.

After waiting for her to complete the usual talk to this NPC to advance the quest, once she had unlocked the duty and the two of us were in a party and queued up, the fun began… again. The “trials” and I use the term loosely, because it was less a trial and more a work together sort of event. The first trial, involved the two of us going through a hedge maze, while hitting pads to unlock a gate for the other. The catch though? The two of us were tethered together through our affinity for each other, and the further you were from your partner, the more affinity level dropped. To make it easier, the two of us went into a voice call, so we could better coordinate.

Like anything a person does in life, the more mistakes you make, the more you learn, and this was no exception. Having learned that it’s easier to coordinate and thus avoid losing more affinity when actually speaking with your partner, though we did lose a chunk of affinity, we actually did pretty good and managed to get through the maze. The next trial however, was slightly harder. There were a series of cards, and we had to find the pairs for each. We were given a sneak peek of some of the cards, but it was still a game of chance, since we had to pick a card each, and hope one was the matching pair to one we had already seen.

After a few hit and misses, we managed to match all the pairs, and then it was time for judgement… of sorts. To see what the affinity between the two of us was. Keep in mind, we did this event before the Ceremony of Eternal Bond, so it was a good omen for things to come. What was our affinity? Favourable. Neither good nor bad. But considering we are just friends, it was fairly accurate. After we finished the duty and Rena completed the event in full, the two of us had the two halves of the mount that was given as a reward for the event.

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All in all, I liked the event, and even I generally like to get all the rewards from an event, in this case, I would have to run the duty more than a couple times, as each time you complete the duty, you get two chocolates, and I would rather not have to go through the duty more than I need to.

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