Getting hitched… in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Not in real life. I’d be very concerned if that were to happen, but you read correctly, the character I play in Final Fantasy XIV Online got married. To give some backstory, I play a male character in the game, Rhias Dracken, but the reasons behind why I do, are not important. What is important however, is that the player behind the character whom my character was getting married to, is an online friend of mine, Rena Iseterre. The two of us started to talk on Discord back around December, and from there, we slowly became friends overtime. Fast forward to near the start of January, and it was during a conversation in a Discord server we were both admins of, which I was lamenting the fact that I would never get a certain ride-able mount, because it required my character being eternally bonded to another character, that we talked, and eventually ended up deciding to have our characters marry, or in the case of the game, eternally bonded to each other, so that the both of us could get the mount, since she didn’t have the mount either.

In the weeks that followed, we discussed which plan to get, as there were three tiers of the Ceremony of Eternal Bond, and all three granted the mount. The Standard Plan was free, but very limited in terms of items, and the wedding clothing could not be dyed different colours. The second tier was Gold, and cost $10 USD from both of us, and had a lot more items and the clothing could be dyed. It also provided gifts for the guests at the end, which was a nice bonus for those who could attend. The last tier, and the most expensive, was the Platinum plan, which cost $20 from both of us. Platinum had everything the Gold plan has, except it gave two sets of dye-able clothing. In the end, we decided on the Gold plan, though I would’ve gladly paid $20 USD for the Platinum plan for her, because I considered her worth it.

We then worked on picking a date for the ceremony, as we wanted a day where not only were the both of us free, but also a time where most of our friends we wanted to invite could make it. We decided on February 9th, because she was guaranteed to have that day off, and as soon I knew my work schedule, I saw I had the day off as well. Soon enough, the day of the ceremony arrived, prior to which there was quite of procrastination on both our parts to complete the set of quests leading up to reserving the day and time slot for it, but we managed to complete it a week before the date. Once 1PM hit and all our friends whom we invited went into the chapel, the two of us would commence the ceremony. For the most part, the ceremony itself was very nice, with one of my friends telling me in a voice call, when the doors opened in the game revealing both our characters, that mine looked very handsome, and Rena’s character was very pretty.

Ceremony of Eternal Bond
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As the ceremony moved on, and we reached the end and the reception began, it was time for pictures, during which, a lot of pictures were taken. Then when one of our friends suggested we go outside for more pictures, that’s when everything landslided. Upon the two of us moving outside, we realized we could not go back inside the chapel, and that meant we were unable to commence the final cutscene, and prevented most of our friends from receiving the bonus gifts, which were a minion and some party favours. Or so we thought. After almost everyone left, one of Rena’s in real life friends, Shina, who was inside the chapel, ended up managing to see and record the final cutscene, because she had been inside the chapel when the timer for the reception to end ran out.

Wedding Conclusion
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Since everyone else had already left, only Rena’s friend’s character was in the cutscene, and the two of us felt bad for messing up and preventing some of our friends who were attending an Eternal Bond for the first time from getting a minion. Although our friends told us it was alright, as they didn’t attend for a minion, but for us, we still couldn’t help but feel bad, and I was not going to let myself live it down for messing up on the last part of the ceremony. All in all though, it was a nice wedding, and we both got our mounts in the end.

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