Blind Runs in FFXIV Online

I am a huge video game nerd. I have loved video games since I was a kid, and now is no exception. I am especially addicted to a Massively Multiplayer Online game called Final Fantasy XIV Online, and it was last Tuesday that I, along with a group of my friends and online acquaintances, decided to tackle new content that was released earlier in the day, a new 8-man raid called Sigmascape. Most of us did not know what the bosses would be like, so it was guaranteed to be a fun experience. After queuing up, as the cutscene commenced, we then saw the boss… was a train.

We were going to fight a train. A train.

Final Fantasy XIV Phantom Train
The Phantom Train and all content is copyright to Square Enix.

A train that was trying to ram our party off the rails. Once the cutscene finished and we prepared for the fight, it was clear that with the fight new to most of us, we had no idea what to expect at all, so a lot of bumbling around was in our future. Not to mention yelling. A lot of yelling. Once the fight started and we began attacking the boss, right away, two party members died immediately, which was a great start. As the fight went on however, and we began to learn the fight, it was not as bad as we thought, although we were still bumbling around a bit. After a lot of yelling and party members dying at times, not to mention fighting a ghost enemy 1 on 1, we eventually defeated the Phantom Train.

After another cutscene commenced, and returning to the central hub area of Sigmascape, once we all had unlocked the second boss, just like with the previous fight, the majority of us had absolutely no idea what to expect, which was going to make for another fun experience. Once we had queued up and the cutscene commenced, our party walked into a room containing paintings and sketches scattered about on the floor. At the back of the room was a painting of a young woman, to which suddenly, said young woman emerged from the painting, as a specter of sorts, and the fight commenced.

Sigmascape V2.0
Sigmascape V2.0 and all content is copyright to Square Enix.

At first, we were all confused as to why we could not target the woman, but eventually, the real boss emerged, a demon painter of sorts. We then began the fight, and the commencing of learning the fight. We eventually learned the mechanics of the fight, during which there were many deaths of party members, and after roughly 15 minutes of yelling, dying, and scrambling around, we defeated the boss, and with that, moved onto Sigmascape V3.0, but that fight would be saved for another day.

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